“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

– Albert Einstein


Never before imagination was so critical for scientific progress as well as overall development of human society. Our increasingly complex reality originates today from both – knowledge generated on a daily basis by multiple scientific efforts undertaken around the world as well as from growing number of interactions between people on our small planet.

However, this complexity frequently results in challenges of various kind. Our economic and political systems based on restrictive access to different resources are still rooted in past and dusty models, frequently cherishing greed and control as key factors in management of society. This imposes fast growing tensions on contemporary social structures, resulting in scarcity propagating especially fast throughout less developed parts of our world.

At Corelyon Institute we believe that solutions to most of our tangible, global problems cannot be derived from institutional politics or religion, which are rather a result of self-feeding culture and so do only carry on patterns of the past into the future.

We are convinced that solutions may only come from close cooperation between minds representing various fields of theory and experiment in the spirit of bringing true progress and benefit to the entire human society on Earth, without introducing imbalance to Nature.

In order to efficiently find appropriate solutions, we all must also recognize each others needs expressed externally in various forms of communication. We must extend our thoughts for intellectual enrichment and hands for improving our skills towards other people, cultures and disciplines of science and art. We need to become more “extensional” and much less dogmatic and dominant in principles we chose to follow. We cannot forget that we co-rely on each other in many direct and indirect ways.

Corelyon Institute is an initiative aiming at brining together scientists and engineers representing many different disciplines as well as members of general public and citizen scientists – to challenge existing theories, find new ways to look at and understand old problems and generate breakthrough solutions.

No limits are set – except of course universal values. Every idea, concept and thought counts. Every person point of view contributing towards finding solutions – is welcome.

We must work together in order to move beyond.

And let us not forget that:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein


Corelyon Institute will work in the following areas primarily but not exclusively:

  • water – nature, structure and potential
  • energy – drawing rather than producing and its long-term storage
  • breakthrough propulsion systems for space age
  • bioenergetics in healthcare and medicine
  • space and time
  • life and consciousness
  • pre-history, archeology and ancient cultures


Corelyon Institute will work through meetings in working groups, seminars, workshops and laboratory/field experiments – all conducted in cooperation with other organizations, institutes, foundations, companies and general public.


Corelyon Institute was founded by Martin Noirmont, Ph.D. – molecular cell biologist and biochemist. He graduated from the University of Poznan, Poland and did his Ph.D. at the University of Muenster, Germany. He worked at the Polish Academy of Sciences (Human Genetics), Max-Planck Institute (Developmental Biology), University of Montreal, University College London.

THE BOARD: Coming Soon


  • Corelyon Enterprise for Extensional Applications – CE4EA (This is our company implementing selected results of our studies and studies we will support as practical solutions serving society)
  • Corelyon People for Extensional Civilization – CP4EC (This is our social union of people with interest to act within every society and nation towards developing new human civilization based on the principle of extensionality)