Brilliant energy

Energy is key. Energy from the Sun is central for keeping economies and our planet clean and developing. Brilliant Light Power Inc. founded by Dr. Randell L. Mills came recently with extraordinary and yet fascinating claims.

Dr. Mills proposes a new mechanism for generating tremendous amounts of energy in form of light. This mechanism includes turning an active form of hydrogen present in water into much less active and more stable form he calls HYDRINO.

Hydrino is an amazing concept and discovery if it’s existence will be confirmed. Being a far more stable form of hydrogen, hydrino is supposed to have smaller electron orbital and it arrives at this state by giving up the energy of it activated state (the one we know from “daily” experience) to an acceptor, which in case of BrlliantLight technology is silver. Once silver accepts the energy from hydrogen it gives it away in blasting, Sun-like explosion of light. This light can be harnessed by high density solar panels and transformed into electricity.

Hydrinos are also amazing and attractive for other far more scientific reasons. Since they are apparently produced in the stars including our Sun – space is filled with them and because they have mass but do not react easily with anything – claim is they do actually constitute for so called “dark matter”. If this is the case then Dr. Randell L. Mills might be an author of the most revolutionary theory & discovery since Albert Einstein.

As “dark matter” (or infamous aether) hydrinos could explain a lot of cosmological and even quantum phenomena, which current models simply can not.

It will be interesting to see how BrilliantLight technology and hydrinos will become incorporated (or rejected obviously for “political” reasons) in economy and society but even more interesting it will be to observe the reaction of mainstream science, which as stated by Einstein in a letter to Bohr in 1926 – might not be the Real Thing after all:

“Quantum mechanics is very impressive. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory produces a good deal but hardly brings us closer to the secret of the Old One. I am at all events convinced that He does not play dice.”

These perhaps prophetic words come from a very interesting article written by another physicist – Steven Weinberg, the Nobel Prize Awardee in Physics.

You can read the article by following this link:

From a biological perspective hydrinos may also be of great interest since there are organelles in our cells (mitochondria), which do produce hydrogen ions and those in appropriate conditions – which may or may not exist in living cells – can perhaps give up their activated states becoming hydrinos. If so such cells – some specialized cells – should burst in light (not only in visible range). Such mechanism if existing, may be of defensive nature rather than metabolic one and it may not be so common on Earth.

Of course the opposite could also be possible. Since hydrinos can be reactivated to form hydrogen one can imagine a system, which collects hydrinos from the environment, channels them through an activating cavity where they can absorb energy (through radiation or perhaps resonance) and leave as hydrogen, which then can be converted back to light and hydrinos. Such mechanism – if possible – could for instance power starships with a light engine. Imagine the possibilities if we could effectively collect hydrinos in space and convert them through hydrogen to light that could blow our stelar sails…


If we ever want to venture into space to understand what the Universe really is – we need to overcome many challenges holding us back. Challenges of politics unable to keep up with fast changing world society. Challenges in economy, which increasingly fails being still rooted in a XIX century’ concepts of resource access control and profit as main tools for securing competitive advantage. Challenges in science and engineering, which could be even faster and better if decision making at universities was not based on “secure first my desk and its benefits” basis.

Yet, with time, provided we do have enough of it – finally space is vast but not empty – we can overcome all these challenges but we will not go further anywhere, whether in space or on Earth if we do not come up with breakthrough ideas especially in the energy production and storage.

If BrilliantLightPower does indeed delivers what it says it does then there is hope and we will be first to stand up in a queue to buy one…

Furthermore, the fate of this project (provided all its clams are true) could perhaps be an example of our fate as Mankind living in a system we have created for ourselves. If it fails perhaps it will be very symbolic of yet another failure of human civilization, unable to resign from benefits of few to rescue many. What will it be – new era of explosion of ideas and grid-independent human development thanks to free access to brilliant energy or further maintaining of the human farm till all resources will be depleted and no original and breakthrough idea possible to change anything anymore …

Time – perhaps the only precious value and commodity of the Universe will tell who we Humans really are/were …

As far as we are concerned – Great and Fantastic work Dr. Mills and BrilliantLightPower !!!

PS. As Europeans with scientific and engineering interests, sometimes we do regret to live in a political and economic structure, which places too much attention to itself and by far not enough to the People and their ideas… As a consequence there is no Dr. Mills, BrilliantLightPower nor Apple born in a garage and there are no universities with labs open to challenge mainstream theories and finally there is no real breakthrough despite billions of euros being spent but there are celebrations of various self-focused kind…


Additional videos on Brilliant Light and Hydrinos

For more info please refer to BrilliantLightPower Inc. website:


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