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This post will be short, yet it might however be one of the most important because it will concern one of the key problems of modern physics and perhaps of all sciences and human thought. It will deal with TIME.

What is TIME? – this fundamental question is shadowing mankind since its dawn probably. Time is perhaps the most critical feature of the Universe and yet it can not be defined beyond a parameter of key equations. We know for certain that TIME is closely related to space but can it be also related to … charge?

This is an intriguing question, which Lance Williams from Konfluence Research Institute (konfluence.org) in Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA is trying to answer in his recent paper, which  you can access and read from here:

Concept for an electrically-charged clock and its potential to show anomalous time dilation or contraction

Lance’ idea that time may become dilated (or contracted) in uniformly charged “clocks”, which we would also call “volumetric bodies” is more than intriguing. It is very attractive in regard to our interest in EZ water (please see our previous posts if you are not acquainted  with EZ Water).

If Lance is right and indeed uniformly charged volumetric bodies may exert an effect on time, then we are standing at the verge of the most important physical discovery of our times, simply because we would be able to slow or speed-up time at micro and perhaps also at macro levels only by … uniformly charging the body (and/or space around and within it).

We can not oversee potentially revolutionary impact on biology (and medicine) of this idea in relation to ez water. Here is why:

As you may know ez water is a special gel-like structure of water, which under certain conditions such as eg. exposure to infrared light forms a regular lattice-like hexagonal structures composed of three hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms (H3O2) in one functional, ez water molecule. This regular structure is very important in regard to the idea of time distortion in regard to what Lance is proposing but it is not sufficient. Such structured, volumetric body must be also uniformly charged and so is the ez water, which accumulates negative charge. All these features of ez water fulfill necessary features of a volumetric, uniformly charged body in which the flow of time may change…

If so and if time would slow down within ez water space – just imagine what we could do by generating ez water within cells of our bodies set on a trip to Mars and beyond or in case of serious medical conditions where time becomes the most precious element of life.

We would be able to set people in a new type of temporal suspended animation not due to reducing the temperature of the body but caused by slowing time within the body relative to the space around it.

Imagine what would happen is we created a highly concentrated form of ez water (or any other substance exhibiting similar properties to ez water able to accommodate human being – not solid state). If we charged such super ez water with a person submerged in it – we could perhaps create a time shift at least one way – backwards or forward as function of accumulated charge. Time travels could be possible or at least short distance transportation of a teleportation kind – would not be a sci-fi idea anymore.

Of course time in ez water may be passing faster – we do not know this without an experiment but if so it would also teach us something new and very important about our reality.

This is why we do propose two basic experiments:

  1. Ez water and light
  2. Ez water and chemical reactions

Ad. 1. In this experiment a photon is directed to pass through ez water environment in two modes:

  • passing ez water on a straight path
  • bouncing between mirrors submerged in ez water

If ez water would indeed show a potential to slow (or speed-up) time, there should be a time difference registered by the system as compared to same experimental set-up in non-ez water. Photon would slow/speed-up when passing through ez water. In other words photon passing through ez water would arrive at destination either later or earlier as compared to a photon which was passing through non-ez water. In case of bouncing photon the bouncing period would either contract or elongate due to the time passing faster or slower for a photon bouncing between two mirrors in ez water.

Ad.2. In this experiment we propose to use the Belousov–Zhabotinsky type of reactions as measure of time dilation/contraction in ez water. Reactions are typical for water environment of the cell and as such they may provide a more adequate description of what might be happening at the molecular level to chemical systems when time gets stretched or condensed. BZ reactions allow for observing with naked eye complex patters develop over time. If time gets changed – patterns will appear faster  or much later. They may also change.

There is however one obstacle to these ideas. Lance proposes that time changes for “uniformly charged clocks” are somewhat internal. This means that an external object, which is not a part of the clock may not be affected by change of time. In other words time difference may only be experienced within the body itself and not by an outside observer, which also includes measuring equipment. It is an important point and because of this we may not see any time effect on photon passing through ez water observed externally. However, we are not sure as to chemical or metabolic reactions such as the BZ one since for them water is not only a passive environment but an active participant of the reactions. In other words if photon is just passing through, BZ reactions interact with ez water and therefore all changes occurring will be result of this interaction also in regard to time dilation/contraction. we may see photon arriving at the same time especially if measured from outside the system but we may not see changes of BZ reactions occurring at the same rate (time) in ez and non-ez water.

We think that time dilation/contraction in uniformly charged volumetric bodies may be more typical for … living organisms than a strictly physical system but of course this is only a wild speculation.

Experiments must be performed. We are trying to talk to few mainstream laboratories about these experiments but as you can imagine the fear and dependance on grants is strong …

Nevertheless, if Lance if right and ez water (and ez water like substances) may provide a model of spacetime environment in which time can change depending on their level of charge – irrespectively if we do prove it or not, we are standing at the verge of breakthrough even by clearly showing that all our ideas are incorrect.


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