Water Memory

and … TIME.

Could we explain mystery of water memory by time? Well, let’s imagine this could be in fact possible even though we do not exactly know what time is…

Firstly, have a look at the lecture of Prof. Luc Montagnier – the Noble Prize Awardee for the discovery of HIV virus. Prof. Montagnier continues the work of Dr. Jacques Benveniste.

For the purpose of argument, let us stay here simple and say the following:

Water has memory defined by Prof. Montagnier as recordable, electromagnetic pattern resulting from interaction between molecules of water and a given entity such as eg. particle of HIV virus (protein, DNA, etc). This pattern is preserved in/by water even after many repetitive steps of dilution to a state in which there is no more interacting entity present.

The memory, expressed as electromagnetic pattern is carried forward in time … but HOW!?

This is the big secret of water memory. How is it possible that water molecules do “remember” the structure of entity they were in contact after the entity was removed entirely from any further interaction with water?

The answer to this phenomena is of great significance to every aspect of life and it can only be explained in terms of physics, unless we all agree that magic do in fact exists … 😉

Ok, we have water which does carry an electromagnetic signature of another molecule it was in contact in the past … In the past ? Hm, but what if, just what if TIME is in fact playing here a great role…

Let us suppose for a moment that WATER is a model of spacetime. Water molecules are units of the spacetime, which can be organized in various way and this organization changes properties of water – spacetime. From the work of Prof. Gerald Pollack we know that light can activate water to form regular hexagonal layers with uniformly distributed negative charge (please see our previous post of EAZY ATP / p2). If we would assume now that an entity submerged in water – especially in EZ water as Prof. Pollack calls this special structure of water in it’s 4th state – we could perhaps see all interactions in similar way as we see them occurring between massive body and spacetime in terms of gravity and time dilation.

The difference here is that a body submerged in water would correspond to massive body suspended in spacetime and water molecules interacting with such body would correspond to what we do not know yet about spacetime -“garvitons” – hypothetical quanta of gravity being itself synonymous with spacetime. In other words if a massive body introduces changes in structure of spacetime, so the body submerged in water may perhaps introduce changes to the structure of water – modeling the spacetime.

Ok, but how does this explain the water memory? How a body in water can locally reorganize water molecules in such a way that this pattern of change is preserved in time?

To answer this we must look at what happens to spacetime in terms of gravity? When a massive body interacts with spacetime – the spacetime gets distorted, bend, twisted and this distortion is being preserved through time. One would need to wonder if removal of the massive body would cause such distortion to rapidly disappear or rather stay in place at least for some time longer before being slowly dissolved? If a planet or a massive black hole would rapidly evaporate – would this cause distorted spacetime around it to vanish or continue to stay? If it would vanish rapidly would this not have a massive, violent impact on the fabric on spacetime everywhere else in the universe? The gravity waves would have to be massive from such event. The level of energy released would be unimaginable. Let’s take a stretchy surface, which does not like to be squeezed and force it to form a tiny, compact ball, which we now suddenly release and allow to return to its normal, flat state. The rate of expansion and returning to a normal flat state of the surface would be … devastating. If things like this would be happening in the universe being for instance a spherical cavity then mostly likely no stability would ever be achieved here. Therefore, the universe must either continue expanding or such spacetime distortions do not disappear at all if massive objects suddenly disappear or it is also possible that such massive objects never disappear and therefore distorted spacetime is never being released to its pervious undistorted state.

Returning to water. If we stay with spacetime analogy we would have to say that the distortion of water molecules around submerged object is similar to the distortion of spacetime around massive object of the universe. However, we know that we can remove an object from water and that the distortion stays there even if we continue with dilutions.

At this point it is worth to mention that the volume of water during the process of dilutions does not change the overall mass of the new volume (after dilution). It only replaces the molecules of water with new ones, which have not been in contact with submerged body in the past. This is potentially important because perhaps reducing/increasing the amount of overall mass could disturb the memory pattern.

So, if we can remove the body and yet the pattern stays – how is it preserved? Let us see what happens to spacetime around massive objects. Which parameter is changing around such objects in distorted spacetime?

Of course – TIME. Time is the factor that get’s either dilated or compressed depending on the scale of spacetime distortion. How can we extrapolate this onto water memory? Well, if body submerged in water corresponds to a mass object in space time – it introduces a distortion of this spacetime (water). The more massive object is (spacetime) or the more complex the submerged object is (water) – the greater distortion of time in BOTH cases. Time get’s dilated. It flows much slower in dilated, distorted spacetime and water allowing so for eg. muons to reach surface of Earth (this is also related to their speed but principle is similar) and … for the pattern of electromagnetic water memory to be preserved in time despite countless dilutions being  introduced.

Our proposal is therefore following:

  1. water presents the model of spacetime
  2. water molecules and their interactions correspond to similar quanta of spacetime and their interactions
  3. water interacting with other entities submerged in it form distortions in normal “water filed” similar to distortions of spacetime around massive objects
  4. distortions of “water filed” cause time to locally slow down
  5. dilated time in water field around submerged bodies results in temporal shift in regard to water filed, which was not in contact with submerged entity.

This entire process creates a local time bubble shifted towards the past, which is “encapsulating” given electromagnetic pattern acquired in the past and allowing it to be transferred into the future despite system being manipulated (many water dilutions). The water molecules of such bubble do exist in different time.

If this would be indeed so – the consequences are enormous from physical applications, through medical ones to such of a true cosmic scale…

Interestingly enough there might be a way to verify this and we are on to do exactly this.

Next time when you drink a cup of water – you might in fact slow your time…

Stay tuned…

PS.  We recommend also to watch this simpler introduction of the water memory:


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