This is a 2nd part of the post with similar title: “EASY ATP / p1”.

As for the title – no there is no mistake in the word “Easy”. On purpose I used now a different spelling of this word to emphasize the “Z” in it. The reason is of course related the explanation of the question with which I finished previous post:

“How and what could deliver extra electrons to the cell?”

Last time I have quickly highlighted how mitochondria work and that the main purpose of our metabolism – if I can say so – is extraction of electrons from food in order to transfer them onto oxygen. We call this process oxidative respiration at molecular level as extension of lung respiration responsible for physical introduction of oxygen molecules into our bodies (at organ-cell level).

I also explained last time how ATP – the universal chemical energy storage/transfer molecule is generated in the mitochondria and that the extracted electron flow through chain of respiratory enzymes is the source of energy for subsequent synthesis of ATP in a loop-like cascade of chemical reactions between so called Citric Acid Cycle (CAC) and ATPase – an enzyme responsible for ATP synthesis.

Finally, I suggested that if we could find a way to deliver to the cell and particularly to mitochondria extra flow of electrons able to enter the respiratory chain – this would possibly boost our energy metabolism and overall cellular performance due to the fact that such extra inflow of electrons should result in increase of ATP production. This however provided mitochondria will be supplemented with the source of Hydrogen ions (protons), which normally come from NADH molecule.

We can of course supplement our diet with extra NADH. As far as I am aware there are such diet supplements available on the market. However, it seems to me that even if delivering extra dose of NADH to the cell could temporarily increase the ATP production resulting in overall cellular performance, this might not be long lasting effect without parallel change of diet rich in … electrons.

Of course electrons delivered in form of metabolic precursors may come from proteins, sugars and fat as all of these separate metabolic pathways are in fact integrated inside mitochondrial matrix by CAC reactions. There is only a need to keep a healthy balance in daily diet between all these three major sources of electrons: sugars, fat and proteins. I do not think there is a special, optimal and universal diet for everyone as every organism is slightly different and therefore requires a slightly different formula as to what ratios between these three sources of electrons may work best. It can also change with age, season of the year, physiological status of the body (eg. pregnancy or heavy sport exercise, illness, etc.). One needs therefore to find its own balanced diet especially if supplemented by NADH substrates – best in cooperation with specialized medical doctor or diet professional.

Here, I am interested in another way than food of delivering electrons required by our oxidative respiration. What could it be?

To answer this question we must shortly depart from what we know about mitochondria and the cellular metabolism and focus on what we know about physics and especially the properties and behavior of … water. Yes, water and only because in the cell virtually nothing occurs without water. There is not metabolism without water and there is no ATP production without water. Even the respiratory chain of enzymes transferring electrons to oxygen yield water as end product. Water therefore is absolutely key to life in every form and state. I would even risk here a statement saying that there is no other life in the universe which is not based on water unless the laws of such universe (or its part) are different than those we know of.

I will not be describing here all properties of water because they are well know and if someones does not know them – they can be easily located in countless literature available online or in every world library. I will talk here shortly about an amazing discovery made by one professor about water. This discovery is potentially the most important one every made. I am not joking and the reason for this is following:

Water is central not only to life but because life is in fact a result of or a kind of summary of all physical processes that do exist – water is therefore a substance at the cross-section of our entire knowledge.

I would not exaggerate here – even thought to many it will look so – if I say that water is so important that we might even one day use it for building artificial intelligence, reduce gravity and what will be most shocking to most of you – manipulate time.

I do have arguments for each of this cases but this is stuff for another post. Now, I will focus on the biological properties of water discovered by prof. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington, USA.

Prof. Pollack discovered another state of water. We all know about water as a liquid, solid state (ice) and vapor but we – biologists know that inside the cell at physiological conditions water does not exist as any of these states. It has a different state – a 4th one far more similar to gel than liquid. For long time it was not know how such gel-like state can be generated until discovery of so called EZ WATER made by prof. Pollack.

Now you also know why I use EASY/EAZY to describe the connection between gel-like water and cellular bioenergetics.

The properties of EZ Water are amazing. For instance it forms layers of regularly arranged water molecules, it expels salts and it can grow in mass in response to … light !!! (especially infrared light). Is that not amazing stuff?!

There is one more property of EZ Water that I have not mentioned yet. It accumulates negative charge as oppose to non-EZ water, which is more positive. In fact prof. Pollack has shown that you could even generate electricity by simply forming layers of EZ water in salty solution and sticking the electrodes in both volumes (volumes of EZ and non-EZ water).

Ok but how does this connects to ATP production in mitochondria? Good question. Here is my attempt to give an answer.

Firstly, mitochondria are not originally a part of our cells. They are very well integrated into our cells but they are an extracellular microorganism, which invaded proto-cell and developed a kind of symbiotic relationship becoming eventually a part of the system we are made of today.

If so than mitochondria must be older than a cell it invaded and if so it had as a free organism to live in a different environment and perhaps more demanding, more harsh. What could be the major factor of such ancient, harsh environment on Earth? To be precise – we do not know exactly but one could suppose that in deep past overall radiation on Earth was much higher. This radiation could come from both: Space / the Sun and from the Earth. If this was so at the time when mitochondria as free microorganisms were forming (or even before) than how such organisms could survive. Well, this is a topic for yet another post on frontiers of intellectual adventure. I will only say that EZ water most likely played a critical role in the evolution of life. Without EZ water – I honestly doubt life could ever evolve on Earth or at least its evolution would be very different and much less advanced today. The point is mitochondria and EZ Water enjoy most likely a very ancient relationship, which has (or could have) tremendous impact on our bioenergetic metabolism toady.

EZ Water is formed in or between hydrophobic spaces – mitochondria with their multiple inner membrane invaginations into  matrix have plenty of such cavities or pockets oriented parallel to each other – ideal for “stacks” or layers of EZ water to form. Also, the ability of EZ water to accumulate negative charge (electrons) does coincide with the major function of these pockets since enzymes of the respiratory chain transferring electrons onto oxygen are specifically located on these invaginations.

So, we do have an ancient organelle adapted to tough environment thanks to EZ water, which is able to store electrons used by these organelle to generate another form of energy (ATP) – more suitable for chemical reactions.

The experiments come to mind immediately. If indeed EZ water can be formed inside mitochondria then it could potentially also influence oxidative respiration by inserting extra electrons stored in EZ water stacks (between inner membrane invaginations) to the respiratory chain. This would increase the rate of proton pumping from the matrix into the inter-membrane space and in consequence the production of ATP – the EZ ATP 🙂

Of course such process could pose a higher demand on availability of protons and NADH. However we do not know this for sure since this can only be verified experimentally. Perhaps formation of EZ water inside mitochondria would only reorganized molecules and make the electron transfer more efficient without increasing demands on protons and/or except for NADH (since protons could also come for other sources – but this is also a matter for another post. Here I say only that there is a possible cellular link, which could connect mitochondria to another organelle in regard to EZ water and protons).

So, in summary if we had a way to generate EZ water in the cell and the mitochondria especially – we could increase / organize the flow of electrons and so the efficiency of the entire metabolism.

How to do this?

There are two obvious ways in respect to this line of thinking:

  1. Make lots of EZ water at home and drink it. This can be done by storing clean water in glass jars exposed to sunlight – the infrared light, IR). I do not recommend keeping water in plastic containers also because as other research shows – water has molecular memory and it can “remember” with what substance it was in contact before (I will write about it soon because it may have tremendous impact on some physical theories)
  2. Since infrared light (IR) is significantly increasing the formation of EZ Water, exposition to IR may in fact lead to the formation of EZ Water in our cells. Infrared light has however various wavelength – I do not know which one is most efficient and also safe. This again would have to be verified by an experimental work.

The connection between IR and EZ water could actually be especially important for our eyesight. Perhaps exposition of eyes to some strictly medically confirmed IR wavelengths could significantly increase healing of eyes and/or slowing down rate of eyesight loss. I do not know what and if any effect could be observed by exposing eyes to infrared light but it seems to be logic that if EZ water forms as a response to light and if EZ water contributes to improved performance of the cell, then eyeballs and especially the vitreous body at the contact zone with retina – might benefit from IR therapy. It certainly is worth verifying by medical research.

As always remember that our thoughts are rooted in science fact but they are going towards the edge of theory and experiment. Our aim is to cross the boarder of known and step into unknown. Certainly mistakes will be made but by doing them we can also learn – perhaps more than by staying in our comfort zones.

So,”destroy” my EZ ATP hypothesis / proposal or investigate it – either way we will learn something new.

Martin Noirmont

PS. One cannot underestimate the potential of infrared light if proven biologically viable because it may not only provide significant assistance to the process of cellular healing (wound healing) but it may also prove important to other biological processes such as eg. hibernation and perhaps even assist in cancer prevention/treatment.

On the other hand from physical point of view EZ water by forming regular structure accumulating negative charge could be significant candidate for what I would describe as electromagnetic medicine – way of looking at biological systems through the perspective of electromagnetic frequencies characteristic to every protein or other molecule building the cell. EZ water can be very helpful in development of this new type of medical treatment, which could perhaps on many occasion safe unnecessary side effects of pharmacological treatment or even surgical intervention.

This is of course just an idea but who knows – finally imagination is more important than knowledge …

Video presenting EZ Water by Prof. Pollack:

I also recommend to read the following article by Prof. Pollack on EZ Water:



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